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about the program

NORPA has never been short of ideas, given the tradition of providing audiences with innovative, imaginative and original works of theatre and performance. Big Think is our program of conversations, panels and forums, with the intention of informing and challenging the way we view our world.

Big Think is a seasonal program, taking place in summer, autumn, winter and spring. We have yet to confirm speakers and dates, as we opportunistically seek out the best and brightest local, national and international presenters to be featured in this new series.

All will be revealed. Rather than purchase tickets now, please email Box Office and we will put you on the Big Think mailing list. We will ensure you are kept up to date well ahead of time.

SUMMER | Growing Our Future
The Northern Rivers region is foodie heaven and renowned for innovative and sustainable growing processes, as well as our superb artisanal products. Over this full day event, meet those with the most intimate relationship with our fertile land, learn where their passion for best practice began and sample the delicious and exotic fruits of their labours. Expect guest chefs, food writers and a great deal of yum!

AUTUMN | A Question of Gender
Anecdotal reports suggest the gender gap is closing. Reality suggests otherwise. There can be few topics as hotly debated as gender equality, and in this forum, the nation’s most outspoken advocates examine our successes and shortcomings in promoting equality. Whether it be violence against women, disempowerment in the workforce, discrimination against those who identify as LGBT, gender stereotypes and sexism abound. This will be a feisty and revealing conversation on one of the most compelling issues of our day.

WINTER | All Animals Are Created Equal
Human rights versus animal rights and the spaces in between. In the words of Albert Einstein “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” And Gandhi claimed “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If we cannot provide for the safety and welfare of our animals, farmed and wild, is it surprising that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged of our community are treated without compassion, without empathy? Join human and animal rights activists for an intensely moving exchange of ideas.

SPRING | For The Love Of US All
A celebration of the creative and vibrant hub that is the arts community of the Northern Rivers. Is there something in the water? It’s claimed that this region has more creative practitioners per capita than any other in Australia.
We’ll meet the region’s writers, thinkers, artists and performers in an event that springs from local soil, to reach global audiences. From emerging to established, from relative unknowns to household names, let’s applaud the cultural diversity that enriches us all.

bar and diner

The Bank Cafe Diner will be operating at Big Think events. Details to be published closer to the time.

Patron advice

Recommended for 15 years+.
Final programs and speaker line-ups will be announced closer to each Season, and this page will be updated with those details.


Non Subscribers
Adult $30
Under 25 $25

All tickets $25

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Please note there is a $3.30 booking fee per transaction (not per ticket) for all ticket purchases.
NORPA Subscribers can purchase Big Think tickets at the reduced subscriber rate but this program does not make part of the Season Package. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to call our Box Office on 1300 066 772.