Horse’s Mouth (working title)

NORPA, in partnership with Beyond Empathy, will develop and devise a new theatrical dance work, co-created with emerging Aboriginal dance artists and led by NORPA’s Associate Director Kirk Page.

This new work expresses the dilemma young people face living in rural and regional communities. It will explore stories of isolation, access, inclusion and belonging. Ultimately giving voice to a generation of young adults in the here and now and the impact we can have in shaping the future of our collective culture.

Standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, the project will reflect the experiences of this generation and ask – how far have we really come?

Beyond Empathy uses the arts to influence change and enrich the lives of individuals and communities experiencing recurring hardship. They work in urban and suburban, regional and remote communities across Australia where multiple disadvantage is found: social, economic, individual and community.