Artists in residence 2018

emma saunders — february 2018

NORPA Associate Artist Emma Saunders was in residence in NORPA’s studio during February 2018.

Emma is developing a new solo dance work Dancing With Myself . As part of her research she will invite guests into the space, including NORPA Associate Director Kirk Page, Josephine Saunders (her mum) and Kimberley McIntyre.

Emma presented a showing of her work in progress in February 2018.

darcy grant & lewie west — april 2018

NORPA Associate Artist Darcy Grant was in residence, in NORPA’s studio, during April 2018. Darcy was joined by performers Lewie West and Meike Lizotte, and together they’re developing Fold: A Domestic Circus.

Darcy says “The show was created by myself and a couple of my friends, because we wanted to hang out more. So we schemed up an idea where the heart of the piece is how in any relationship with another person, they get more complicated over time. Whether it’s your kid, your partner, or your mate, life happens and things get more challenging. I like starting from a really loose place, and building physical things, and then seeing what they tell me in terms of content and themes. As opposed to regular theatre, or dance, I find with circus making, you’ve to carve out the physical work before you arrive at what the central idea is. By pulling apart the movement, you can find out what it means. Rather than saying, ‘I’m going to be Romeo and you’re going to be Juliet and I’m going to do some backflips toimpress you’ we take a mundane act like folding clothes and we see how two people can do the most complicated, virtuosic, folding of a shirt. When that’s happening, and it’s working, you don’t need any words.”

// Creative Team //
Director — Darcy Grant
Performers & devisors — Mieke Lizotte and Lewie West
Original score composed and performed by Elliot Zoerner and Shenzo Gregorio.
Together with artistic help from Wolfgang Hoffman, Anke Politz, Emma McGovern and Julian Louis.

The team presented a public showing of the work in April 2018, the show will premiere in NORPA’s 2019 Season.

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Our Artist-in-residence program is supported by the Australia Council.