Artists in Residence

Darcy Grant and Gravity & Other Myths – June 2019

Darcy Grant and Gravity and Other Myths were in residency at NORPA for the first creative development of an experimental series of works they are seeking to make over the next three years.

The creative development focused on 3 separate streams of investigation.

Color and Movement – a physical study and analysis of acrobatic movement and the emotional colours that can be generated inside this framework.

Circus Chorale – an experiment with circus and Chorale music that seeks to understand what each form has to offer each other with a particular focus on composer John Luther Adams.

Labyrinth – Circus and Journey. An investigation into circus as a single line of experiences that can represent a more linear narrative than current contemporary circus is used to.

Kirk Page & Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal — August 2019

During their Critical Path Responsive Residency at NORPA, Kirk Page and Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal are developing the choreography of movement and vocal duets for SMOKE*. Asking what is the pivotal role of smoke in spiritual health – landscape, body and ritual, the research explores how to revive, burn off the physical waste and promote finding new pathways together.

Contemporary choreographic practices encompass very physical, sensorial and imaginative deep listening improvisation, dancing, sounding, offering, witnessing, reflective writing, script development, composition, video recording and image making. Kirk and Jade work with the materials they have gathered from creative development stages in Bali, Kalimantan and Java Indonesia with a focus on intercultural trans-indigenous creative-practice protocols (collaborative, expressive, interdependent, circular and nourishing), whilst making high risk ‘Duality Duets’ (Sacred-Temporal, Fluid-Structure, Chaos-Clarity, Laughter-Tears, Inflow-Outflow, Lost-Found).

*SMOKE is a new Indigenous dance theatre production co-authored by Kirk Page and Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal. Preparing for premiering at international art festivals in 2021, the creative process thus far has journeyed throughout Indonesia and Australia and embraced an international cast of First Peoples dancers from Australia, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Ache and Java. Other SMOKE collaborating creatives are; Anna Liebzeit – Sound Design; Ria Soemardjo – Music and Song; Shae Terese Swan Duncan, Jayman Leigh Drahm – Dance; and Karla Dickens, Aris Prabawa – Visual Arts.

Mitch King – August 2019

Flow ( working title) is a piece about the connections we have with water and the relationships we’ve had with this element throughout history, from our ancestors to the present. Exploring the universal theme of ‘water’ it represents the tribes from the Bundjalung nation and Yaegl country respecting the stories that make us who we are, not only from the land but also the rivers, lakes, waterfalls and the ocean. Flowing through the country like the streams creating connections to the places we call home, family and community. These stories like the Dharagun and The Mighty Clarence River not only associate with the waters but also tell of how they were created, shaped and how it cuts through the land and end out to sea.

Mitch King is a Yaegl Bundjalung man from the Far North Coast region of NSW. He is a creative producer specialising in hip hop music and dance and has been working at NORPA as an Associate Producer and Associate Artist since 2014. He is one part of local hip hop group Teddy Lewis King and teaches dance with young people around the region. He has a background in youth work, collaborating with young people on community events and programs. Mitch combines his passion for hip-hop dance and music with theatre, movement and creative writing to connect with people who want to engage with the performing arts. As a workshop leader he develops people’s unique movement and voice within the rhythm and aesthetic of hip hop.

Thomas E.S. Kelly – October 2019

YARN (working title) is a collection of Aboriginal stories to be shared through a physical and theatrical performance. The new solo work, choreographed and performed by Karul Projects Artistic Director Thomas E.S. Kelly, will use his ever evolving and exciting movement vocabulary fused with stories of humour, happiness, triumph, tragedy and creation.

Thomas is a proud Bundjalung-Yugambeh, Wiradjuri, Ni-Vanuatu man. Thomas graduated in 2012 from NAISDA Dance College and has since worked with Vicki Van Hout, Shaun Parker and Company, Branch Nebula, ERTH, Chunky Move, Dancenorth, The FARM, Tasdance, Outer Urban Projects and Urban Theatre Projects. His choreographic credits include his Green Room Award winning work MISCONCEIVE, CO.EX.EN, SANDCIRCLE, VESSEL for Outer Urban Projects, MASS for Chunky Move and Junjeiri Ballun – Gurul Gaureima for Tasdance. Thomas creates work that explores high intensity physical works stemming from a cultural practice fused with contemporary, which incorporates voice and physical percussion. Creating work that ebbs and flows whilst mimicking nature. Thomas creates work that reveals subject matters that offers an opportunity to learn and develop. Remembering the past to better understand the present so we can move forward into the future. In 2017 Thomas created Karul Projects. A new company led by new indigenous voices telling new stories. Karul Projects is resident company at PACT situated in South East Qld and Northern NSW. Thomas is the 2018 Dreaming Award Recipient and a 2019 American Australian Association Alumni.

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