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about the experience

Imagine standing on stage surrounded by the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s virtuoso musicians, watching bows and fingers fly, feeling the power of the bass line, or hearing the exquisite tones of Artistic Director Richard Tognetti’s Guarneri del Gesù violin up close. ACO Virtual, the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s ground-breaking virtual orchestra installation offers this, and more. It was created by filming thirteen members of the ACO against green-screens, capturing audio and video for each individual.

To experience ACO Virtual you stand in amongst these thirteen projections and, with a touch-screen device, choose how you want to hear and see them play.

You can highlight one particular musician, hear a section, or experience the whole band. You can see how the parts fit together by viewing the score streaming below each musician’s projection, and you can find out more about the music, musicians and instruments with an augmented-reality smartphone app. You can even bring your own instrument and play along!

creative team

ACO Virtual is a creative collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Mod Productions.

Michela Ledwidge Artist and Director
Richard Tognetti ACO Artistic Director
Mish Sparks Executive Producer
Cristina Dio Producer

Patron advice

Suitable for all ages.
The interactive experience is on a 30 minute loop, and will be set up on the ground floor of Lismore City Hall .
Please note that the installation is closed on Sunday and Monday.
We recommend you purchase your tickets at the door. However, if you wish to pre-book tickets please call our Box Office on 1300 066 772.


Adult $10
Senior/Concession/Groups 4+ $8
Under 25 $5

Please note that this event can not be included as part of a 2017 Season Ticket package.


The Northern Rivers Conservatorium are offering workshops for groups and schools that include a 20 minute interactive tour of ACO Virtual followed by a 40 minute workshop with NRC tutor Mark Bromley. Please contact the NORPA Box Office “1300 066 772 for more information about the workshops.

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