On-demand workshops for schools

Enhance your school’s performing arts program by booking a bespoke student workshop or teacher masterclass.

Drawing on our network of trusted industry professionals, both locally and nationally, we can tailor a workshop to suit your interests. Whether it’s puppetry, voice, physical theatre, Indonesian language and arts, or contemporary dance, our workshops provide experiences and skills at the absolute highest level.

These workshops can be held as an incursion at your school or in our studio at Lismore City hall. Workshop dates, times and numbers are flexible and can be arranged to suit your needs.

On-demand Workshops

From more information please download our brochure and contact our Education Coordinator or our Box Office.

Workshops currently on offer include:

For teachers

Teacher Masterclass with NORPA Artistic Director Julian Louis

This masterclass is for teachers and aims to expand awareness and references for the devised theatre process through practical exercises and gaining insights into projects created by theatre maker Julian Louis.

Stages 1—4

Indonesian Language and Arts  with Jade Dewi (Stage 1-3)

Inspire an inquiry and appreciation for Indonesia, its arts, language, cultures and people for all ages.
Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal is an award winning dancer, choreographer and is a NORPA Associate Artist.

Visual Theatre and Puppetry with Valley Lipcer and Gabrielle Griffin (Stage 1-3)

After a live puppetry demonstration, students are guided through the process of making a simple puppet. They will learn essential puppetry manipulation skills and work together to make short shows for the classroom audience, with professional input to stimulate new ideas.
Gabrielle and Valley have over 30 years of national and international puppetry and visual theatre performing credits between them.

Powerful Playbuilding with Lisa Apostolides (Stage 1-4)

In this exciting practical workshop young people will be facilitated through the essential steps of Playbuilding. Through discussion, brainstorming and improvisation, and learning to working collaboratively, a short play from a starting point or theme will be created. Intention and purpose of the play, dramatic structure, forms and conventions, dramatic devices and transitions will all be explored. Lisa Apostolides is the Director of Byron Youth Theatre and has trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London and Greenwich University.

Stages 3—6

Contemporary Dance  with Jade Dewi (Stage 3-6)

This workshop grounds dancing in the weighted earthiness and gestural richness of modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance.
Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal is an award winning dancer, choreographer and is a NORPA Associate Artist.

Monologue Preparation with Toni Scanlan (Stage 5-6)

Students will learn how to research a character by looking at the information that is revealed in the monologue itself. Exploration of physicality and voice production will be used to access emotional truths in a way that is unselfconscious and fun.
Toni has worked with Queensland Theatre, Belvoir, Sydney Theatre Company, NORPA and ABC TV.

Voice workshops with Adrian Williams-Brett (Stage 5-6)

Students will gain a clear understanding of the different aspects of voice and how they fit together, experience of the power and magic of language and learn a set of voice exercises that form a comprehensive vocal warm-up.
Adrian currently teaches voice for NIDA and the Byron Bay Film and Television School.

Acting Through the Dynamic Body with Caroline Dunphy (Stage 3-6)

Learn vital principles of acting through the foundations of dynamic presence and movement. Caroline has practiced the Suzuki Acting Method of Acting in both Japan and Australia as a senior company member for nearly 20 years and believes in the power and sensibilities of the East in enhancing performance focus, agility and imagination. This workshop consists of energetic individual and group-based exercises based and influenced from renowned director Tadashi Suzuki and improvisational play through movement and text.

Devising Theatre with Caroline Dunphy (stage 3-6)

Collaboration and telling stories with an ensemble voice is an empowering means to making brave theatre. Caroline Dunphy has spent the past few years working in multi-disciplined devised theatre with many of Brisbane’s best independent companies. This workshop integrates  physical and oral storytelling to create multi-disciplined material for performance.

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