Theatre For Schools

Do you remember the first time you experienced the magic of a live theatre show? Ask any playwright, actor or theatre maker and it’s often their early exposure to the theatre that had a profound effect on them.

Each year NORPA puts together an exciting program of shows that inspire, educate and engage with young people of all ages. We connect with pre-schools, primary, high schools and home-schoolers across the region.

We offer student group prices (teachers complimentary), provide teacher resources specific to each show, and organise additional activities such as workshops, opportunities to meet the cast and educational visits to NORPA.

For more information please download the brochure and booking form or contact our Education Coordinator or Box Office.


Much Ado About Nothing

Wednesday 25 September, 11am
Regional Access Workshops are available on Friday 9 August

Claudio and Hero are deeply in love. Beatrice and Benedick would rather swap sassy insults than sweet nothings — their banter betraying their love and loathing of each other.

However Claudio is quickly seduced by envy and this idyllic world threatens to come tumbling down as he humiliates Hero. Beatrice and Benedick must join forces to defend true love — even if they can’t recognise it in themselves.

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s contemporary comedies where romance is thwarted by dastardly plots, misinformation, false accusations, broken promises, and bumbling cops. Or is it?

Roald Dahl’s The Twits

Tuesday 20 August and Wednesday 21 August, 11am
On demand workshops can be booked with this performance

Mr and Mrs Twit, the most horrible people ever to live on the stage of the earth! How unpleasant is Mr Twit, a hairy-faced, grubby and messy old man! How mean-spirited Mrs Twit, whose once pretty face, now ugly and reflecting her consumption of nasty thoughts!

Being the delightful humans they are, Mr and Mrs Twit spend their days playing dirty tricks on each other. Mrs Twit puts worms in Mr Twit spaghetti – yuck! Mr Twit convinces Mrs Twit has the dreaded shrinks – how mean! Insults are flying left, right and centre and a tag game of revenge and out-trickery is never- ending.

Meanwhile, Muggle-Wump, a poor little monkey is held captive by Mr Twit. Obsessed with putting on The Great Upside-Down Monkey Circus, Mr Twit relentlessly trains Muggle-Wump to perform death defying stunts, punishing the monkey as he sees fit. Poor little Muggle-Wump.

But! Fate changes for Muggle-Wump with the arrival of Roly-Poly, a glorious bird full of grace and pomposity. Together a plot is devised to secure Muggle-Wump’s freedom and punish The Twits forever.

Join us for the world premiere season of this new adaption of The Twits, it is Roald Dahl in his purest form — unsentimental, grotesque and a lot of fun!

This comedy of rebellion and justice is a super high energy combination of storytelling, puppetry and physical theatre.

Serenade for Strings

Friday 25 October, 11am

The concert will begin with Beethoven’s great String Quartet in F minor ‘Serioso’, arranged for string orchestra, in a gripping and tempestuous opening. A change of pace follows with Elgar’s tranquil Serenade for Strings. From there we move into the contemporary with Australian composer Paul Stanhope’s Dancing on Clouds. This delightful piece was written as an optimistic musical response to Stanhope’s residency at the Westmead Children’s Hospital School. The title suggests a flight of fancy into the heavens, escaping our mortal burdens to a place where anything might be possible, even dancing on clouds. We conclude with Beethoven’s first Romance for violin and orchestra, delightful and optimistic in mood, followed by the final movement from Mendelssohn’s youthful and energetic Sinfonia No.7.

This interactive performance will introduce students to the expressive and vibrant performance style of the ACO and invite them to explore and discover their own responses to the music. Students will be able to engage with the performers during interactive Q&A sessions.


We believe no one has more energy and imagination than kids. Many of the companies visiting NORPA also offer workshops for school aged children and our community. We also offer On Demand Workshops that can be tailored to performances.

For more information please download the brochure and booking form, or contact our Education Coordinator or Box Office.

Much Ado About Nothing – Workshops
Bell Shakespeare

Friday 9 August 2019

Regional Access Workshop

Regional Access Workshops are available to all schools. The workshops can be delivered at NORPA or at your school.

Designed to prepare students for the production, these practical, 75-minute workshops guide students through the plot, key characters, themes, scene work, design, and insights into the production itself.

John Bell Scholarship

Students from regional schools across Australia are eligible to audition for the John Bell Scholarship. A life-changing opportunity for budding performers, three students will be selected to spend one incredible week training with Bell Shakespeare.

Auditions take the form of 15-minute masterclasses with a Bell Shakespeare artist, workshopping text and receiving feedback on performance.

Three students will receive one week of training and ongoing mentorship from Bell Shakespeare. They will undertake acting masterclasses with Bell Shakespeare artists, observe rehearsals, see live theatre and perform their winning monologue for John Bell, Artistic Director Peter Evans and a Bell Shakespeare cast.

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