Theatre For Schools

Do you remember the first time you experienced the magic of a live theatre show? Ask any playwright, actor or theatre maker and it’s often their early exposure to the theatre that had a profound effect on them.

Each year NORPA puts together an exciting program of shows that inspire, educate and engage with young people of all ages. We connect with pre-schools, primary, high schools and home-schoolers across the region.

For more information please download our Schools Engagement Program, or contact our Education Coordinator or Box Office.


Into The Forest

Thursday 10 & Friday 11 June, 11am
Wednesday 27 October, 11am
Thursday 28 October, 10am and 1pm
Friday 29 October, 11am
On demand workshops can be booked with this performance

The Devil Dingo lives in the underworld – a forest with all the animals and plants that have ever existed. It’s almost Summer Solstice on earth and Dingo has slipped through a crack, and is roaming in the forest that borders Alice’s house.

When Alice and her support worker Kate venture into the forest for the night – the shape shifting Dingo is ready for them. By trickery and transformation, he manages to win Alice over, and lure her away from Kate. Under the watchful eye of the Dingo, Alice explores a blur of flora, fauna and gets lost in the rhythm of the forest.

When fire strikes Alice is sent underground only to find herself longing to return to her friend and family – but how will she get home?

Made for secondary schools as part of our Education Program, we invite you to join us for a show full of heart and adventure.

Download the information pack here.


Friday 2 July, 11am
On demand workshops can be booked with this performance

Mitch King is a Yaegl Bundjalung man with a story to tell. Joined on stage by long term collaborator and sound artist Blake Rhodes, Mitch tells his story inspired by community, Country and the first native title claim on a body of water in Yamba.

Told through contemporary dance,

poetry, visual imagery and rap, Flow is a new dreaming, strengthening respect for Eldership and engaging young people in the living traditions held in local ancestral stories.

Flow is a yarn about Yaegl country and neighbouring nations, within NSW. It’s a tale of searching and finding identity in music, urban culture and nature, an ancient story acknowledging how and why water flows through this region and its cultural significance.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Thursday 23 September, 11am
On demand workshops can be booked with this performance

Shakespeare’s classic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is reawakened in this breathless production brimming with magic, mirth and mayhem.

Love is in the air in Athens – and it’s contagious. Besides the royal wedding, which is just days away, there are young lovers dreaming of enchanted futures together. Hermia and Lysander are besotted with one another, while Helena adores Demetrius. The only snag is that Demetrius loves Hermia – and he’s got Hermia’s father on his side. So nobody is happy. (Shakespeare wasn’t kidding when he said the course of true love never did run smooth).

Determined to be together, Hermia and Lysander meet in a moonlit forest, with plans to elope. Following hot on their heels is Demetrius, who in turn is pursued by a lovelorn Helena. But the young lovers are not alone in the forest. Nick Bottom and his hapless bunch of tradies have gathered to rehearse a play to be performed at the royal wedding. And, hidden from human eyes, a mischievous sprinkling of fairies are also in the forest that night. The three worlds collide in an explosion of comic confusion that throws the future of all the lovers into jeopardy.

This production is quick as a shadow. Fast, funny and family-friendly, this is A Midsummer Night’s Dream reimagined.

Animal Farm

Thursday 18 November, 11am
On demand workshops can be booked with this performance

Make Animal Farm Great Again… 

George Orwell’s powerfully potent and profoundly popular allegory returns in a multi-award winning theatre production – served fast, furious and full of grunt.  

Revolution has taken place at Manor Farm. The animals have overthrown their human masters and assumed control of the farm. Led by the charismatic porker Napoleon and fueled by enthusiastic camaraderie, a prosperous future free from the self-serving greed of humans is theirs for the taking. However, it is not long until the principles that promised equality become the shackles that bind the animals once again.  

All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.  

Created by critically-acclaimed shake & stir theatre co, Animal Farm will be one of the most blisteringly relevant, fiercely physical and wickedly funny theatre events of 2021. 

After being put out to pasture for much of 2020, live theatre is back – and more essential than ever. 



We believe no one has more energy and imagination than kids. Many of the companies visiting NORPA also offer workshops for school aged children and our community. We also offer On Demand Workshops that can be tailored to performances.

For more information please download our Theatre for Schools workshops flyer and booking form, or contact our Education Coordinator or Box Office.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Regional Access Workshops
Bell Shakespeare

Thursday 26 August
In-school workshops available

Regional Access Workshop

Regional students booked in to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at NORPA are eligible to participate in Bell Shakespeare’s complimentary Regional Access Workshops.

Designed to prepare students for the production, these practical, 75-minute workshops guide students through the plot, key characters, themes, scene work, design, and insights into the production itself.

John Bell Scholarship

Students from regional schools across Australia are eligible to audition for the John Bell Scholarship. A life-changing opportunity for budding performers, three students will be selected to spend one incredible week training with Bell Shakespeare.

Auditions take the form of 15-minute masterclasses with a Bell Shakespeare artist, workshopping text and receiving feedback on performance.

Three students will receive one week of training and ongoing mentorship from Bell Shakespeare. They will undertake acting masterclasses with Bell Shakespeare artists, observe rehearsals, see live theatre and perform their winning monologue for John Bell, Artistic Director Peter Evans and a Bell Shakespeare cast.

For more information visit:

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