Who we are

We are makers.
We make stories come to life.
We make shows with First Nations people.
We make new artists.
We make work that reflects the Northern Rivers.
We make our theatre here.

Who we are

NORPA is a company that makes theatre from the ground up. We take inspiration from the country and culture around us, and we take risks in bringing homegrown stories to life.

Sure, we program and co-produce works by leading national companies as well, but making original Australian work is at the heart of what we do and why we exist.

We love our subscribers too, but we’re lucky, because we know they’re up for an adventure. So for every classic play, we’re comfortable taking them on an experimental journey, as we explore different forms of storytelling, and push new boundaries in how theatre is created.

Based in Lismore, on the Northern Rivers of NSW, NORPA is a not-for-profit, led by a small team of theatre professionals, and supported by a generous group of volunteers.

Building opportunities, and nurturing local artists, NORPA is proof that small towns have big creative potential.


David Wolff (Chair)
Ronny Susanto (Vice Chair)
Jill Eddington (Secretary)
Stephen Van Mil
Julian Meyrick
Julian Louis


Julian Louis – Artistic Director & CEO
Rhoda Roberts – Creative Director First Nations
Pauline Hooper – Office & Finance Manager
Kristy Jones – Business & Development Manager
Karl Johnson – Head of Production
Jumana Schriefer – Venue & Events Coordinator
Sheridyn Dalton – Marketing & Box Office Coordinator
Dan Jackson – Head Venue Technician
Ben Goldsmith – Facilities Coordinator
Frauke Huhn – Youth & Engagement Coordinator
Rick Shearman – Designer
Clare McGregor – Publicist

Senior Technicians Patrick Bollinger, Rich Morrod, Steve Shaw
Technical Staff Nat Rolls-Gordon, Andrew Thompson, Belle Webster
Front of House Daniel Dynan, Kris Harrison, Astrid Hermann, Elise Joseph, Pauline Leeson,
Kat Mathieson, Tashaya Roberts
Educators Lisa Apostolides, Gabrielle Griffin, Frauke Huhn, Valley Lipcer, Kate McDowell, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal
Box Office Vanessa Kellas, Shonelle Piggott, Tylah Virtue

our volunteers

When you come to NORPA performance the people who greet you at the door, or show you to your seat, are all volunteers, doing it for the love of the arts. We thank each and every one of them for their help and support. NORPA could not survive without them!

If you are interested in volunteering for NORPA please contact Jumana Schriefer on 1300 066 772 or [email protected]

Banner image | Lisa Sorghini