Contemporary Dance Masterclasses

This Contemporary Dance Masterclass will celebrate each young Dancer’s talents whilst developing their dance athleticism and artistry.

Together we will work on:

Working as a group Jade will coach individual dancers. Focusing on their particular creative stories and ways of expressing while advising how to refine personal technique, improvisation, composition and performance skills.


First Wednesday of NSW School Holidays
Autumn : Wed 13 April 2022
Winter : Wed 6 July 2022
Spring : Wed 28 September 2022


NORPA @ Lismore City Hall

For ages:

8–12 years : 9am–12noon
13–17 years : 1–4pm


$100 Creative Kids Vouchers from NSW Government can be used for this program


Facilitator : Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Australian born dance-artist, choreographer, director and educator, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, with First Fleet convict Scottish heritage she is also directly descended from Yogyakarta’s first Sultan 1755 (Kangjeng Hamengku Buwana) and Borobudur, Java Buddhist Community 800AD.Newtown High of Performing Arts Dux, Bachelor Dance Honours (University of Florida USA) and Master Choreography High Distinction (University of Melbourne) all support 25 years of award-winning touring and international dance-culture-embodiment studies.

Jade’s performance history embraces live-art disciplines, including working with Movement Research NYC, Miami Dance Futures, Australian Choreographic Centre, Mirramu Dance Company, Victorian Opera, Chunky Move, Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Outback Theatre for Young People, Beyond Empathy and The Bodycartography Project. Her ongoing work with NORPA includes Education services and Making new theatre works including Choreographing ‘Djurra’ and Directing ‘Flow’.

Transformational stories inform Jade’s original multimedia works in theatres, galleries, museums, video, public and wild spaces. Touring works, including ‘Opal Vapour, ‘Enfold’, and ‘6/7 Empty’ spark audiences’ imaginations with articulate and powerful inter-arts performances. Her current theatre work in development is ‘Smoke’, a trans-indigenous collaboration with Kirk Page that reweaves culture and nature in a quest for healing.