Darcy Grant, Mieke Lizotte & Lewie West — artists in residence

In April NORPA Associate Artist Darcy Grant was our Artist in Residence, exploring his new work Circus Mundane, with co-creators Mieke Lizotte and Lewie West. It was nuts!

ABOUT Circus Mundane

Two of Australia’s most physically skilled performers give us a glimpse into the domestic life of the neurotic, world-class acrobat, and explore something we can all relate to — how relationships between people get increasingly complex over time.

“Whether it’s your kid, your partner, or your mate, life happens and things get more challenging. I like starting from a really loose place, and building physical things, and then seeing what they tell me in terms of content and themes. As opposed to regular theatre, or dance, I find with circus making, you’ve to carve out the physical work before you arrive at what the central idea is. By pulling apart the movement, you can find out what it means. Rather than going, ‘I’m going to be Romeo and you’re going to be Juliet and I’m going to do some backflips to impress you,’ we take a mundane act like folding clothes and we see how two people can do the most complicated, virtuosic, folding of a shirt. When that’s happening, and it’s working, you don’t need any words”. — Darcy Grant

This project is directed by NORPA Associate Artist Darcy Grant.

creative team

Lewie West
Mieke Lizotte
Darcy Grant
Julian Louis

Photos | Hamish McCormick @carnivalcinema