Flow workshop series

In this 8-week workshop series, facilitator Mitch King will share his creative process and explore together with the young people the use of various art forms to tell traditional and contemporary stories on Country.

The Flow workshop series aims to create an understanding that the stories we share can connect us to each other through a variety of mediums such as dance, music, rap and theatre. These mediums are experienced in a playful and creative way to foster an understanding that individual stories can connect back to the stories of our culture, family and the environment around us.

For more information please contact Frauke Huhn our Youth Engagement Coordinator via email at [email protected] or call 1300 066 772.


Wednesday’s 4:30-6:30pm
May 4th until June 22


The Studio, NORPA @ Lismore City Hall

For ages:

9–12 years


$100 Creative Kids Vouchers from NSW Government can be used for this program


Facilitator : Mitch King

Mitch King is a Yaegl Bundjalung man from the Far North Coast region of NSW. He is a creative producer specialising in hip hop music and dance and has been working at NORPA as an Associate Producer and Associate Artist since 2014.

He is one part of local hip hop group Teddy Lewis King and teaches dance with young people around the region. He has a background in youth work, collaborating with young people on community events and programs.

Mitch combines his passion for hip-hop dance and music with theatre, movement and creative writing to connect with people who want to engage with the performing arts. As a workshop leader he develops people’s unique movement and voice within the rhythm and aesthetic of hip hop.