Into The Forest


In partnership with the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore, NORPA’s creative team has developed an innovative new work, Into The Forest.Into The Forest explores the forest and bush as a natural environment, as important cultural heritage and as a real and mythical place of both sanctuary and danger. The work draws on classic and contemporary literature in which the forest is a central player. Through pre-show classroom engagement and performance of Into The Forest engage teachers and students with the Stage 5 and 6 English and Drama syllabus.


the story

The Devil Dingo lives in the underworld – a forest with all the animals and plants that have ever existed. It’s almost Summer Solstice on earth and Dingo has slipped through a crack, and is roaming in the forest that borders Alice’s house.

When Alice and her support worker Kate venture into the forest for the night – the shape shifting Dingo is ready for them. By trickery and transformation, he manages to win Alice over, and lure her away from Kate. Under the watchful eye of the Dingo, Alice explores a blur of flora, fauna and gets lost in the rhythm of the forest.

When fire strikes Alice is sent underground only to find herself longing to return to her friend and family – but how will she get home?


Learn more about the story and creative team behind Into The Forest by downloading the program here.


creative team

Performer/Devisor  Alice Misty Boscheinen
Writer/Performer/Devisor  Kate McDowell
Director/Devisor  Julian Louis
Associate Director  Noa Rotem
Sound Designer  Alexandra Spence
Performer/Technical Support  Ash Cassel
Movement Consultant  Kimberley McIntyre
Designer  Charlotte Haywood
Assistant Designer  Taya Solomon
Producer  Frauke Huhn
Stage Manager  Steve Shaw



This work has been supported by the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore.

Images | Vanessa Kellas