The Robbers

A NORPA and Meneer Monster Co-production


In a dark, colorless world three Robbers try to steal the only colour still remaining in the world. When their precious colourful loot is stolen by the sinister Colour Thief, it sets the three Robbers on a dangerous and madcap journey to recapture what is theirs.
Inspired by superhero films and games, this show combines physical comedy with a magical and graphical world. The Robbers is a highly entertaining and surprising theatre experience for children and families.
The Robbers is directed by NORPA’s Julian Louis and is a NORPA and Meneer Monster (Ultrecht, Netherlands) co-production.

The Robbers was presented at the International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase in Philadelphia, USA in 2019. The show premieres in the Netherlands in September 2019, and will tour from September 2019 to February 2020.


creative team

Performers   Olaf van de Ven, Christiaan Bloem, Chris Koopman
Director   Julian Louis
Music   Erik Hofland
Set Design   Morgana Machado Marques
Costumes   Dymph Boss
Lighting design   Jan Fedinger
Technical   Joren Rupert, Marco Koppers, Max Auer
Production   Vera Andeweg
Publicity image   Studio Matusiak


Images | Felice Hofhuizen