Q&A with Sinead Fell, NORPA Theatre Club

NORPA’s Education Program: Inspiring young minds

Ask any actor, director or playwright and it’s often their early exposure to theatre as a youngster that ignites their passion for the stage and a career in theatre. With her whole career ahead of her, we ask NORPA Theatre Club member Sinead Fell about her aspirations and inspirations and what she enjoys most about being a part of the club.

Q&A with Sinead Fell – NORPA Theatre Club

What drew you to apply for Theatre Club?

NORPA is a wonderful company and I had to embrace the opportunity. It excited me; and I’m always looking out for new ways to grow as a theatre practitioner.

Describe, in three words, how you felt when you were accepted.

Delighted, excited, valued.

What does being a Theatre Club member involve?

Being a theatre club member means building friendships with other young performers, connecting with people in the industry, going to the theatre (a lot!), participating in a range of inspiring workshops, and engaging with the company.

…and what do you enjoy most?

The best part is connecting with new people, both similar and different to me, who all share a love for theatre.

What are your theatrical aspirations?

I’d love to create devised performances that highlight topical issues in an interesting, engaging way, and perform it all over Australia, or the world!

Is there a performing artist that you particularly admire?

There are so many artists and companies that inspire me! Some highlight shows I’ve seen at NORPA have been: My Urrwai, I Want to Know What Love Is, Wildskin, [MIS]conceive, and Lady Beatle.

What would you say to students who are unsure of whether or not to apply for Theatre Club in 2020?

Just do it! Nothing to lose, lots to gain.

NORPA’s Education Program also includes Theatre for Schools where school groups experience performances and workshops in the theatre by national touring companies such as Bell Shakespeare or Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, a Workshops On-Demand Program delivering tailored workshops by industry professional into regional schools, a Theatre Club for teenagers and Work Experience opportunities at the theatre giving young people a taste of everything from new work development to marketing, production and running a Box Office. NORPA also offers internship places to support the professional development of artists, producers and theatre technicians.

We have lots more exciting ideas in the works too, including a Youth Theatre Hub that would involve professionally led, weekly theatre classes; specific skills-building master classes; a youth theatre ensemble; and an annual theatre production & youth theatre forum.

We mentioned the idea to Sinead who said that a project like this is important because it supports the local theatre makers of tomorrow.

“Because I love theatre, I could have chosen to professionally pursue that post-school, but that would have meant moving away to a city. I chose to study local, and thanks to NORPA I can still be involved and engaged in theatre.

“The ideas of weekly classes, workshops, and performances remind me of young people that are committed to their dance practice or sport etc. To have a similar structure/program for theatre making would be incredible.”

We hear you Sinead and we couldn’t agree more!

To learn more about our Theatre Club, click here, or email our Education Coordinator at [email protected]