This is theatre making country.

The Northern Rivers is a fertile place. Stuff grows around here and people are busy producing things like macadamias, milk, and original theatre.

Anchored by our venue in the heart of Lismore, every work we create in-house draws big inspiration from the country and communities surrounding us. All direct responses to the local places we live and work, we aspire to make them universal too, by including shared experiences and thoughts that are unfolding everywhere from Pottsville to Perth.

In a small way, we’re shaping the Australia we want to live in by creating art that’s culturally respectful, inclusive, brave and playful, and by working for a company that’s been built around the same values.

NORPA couldn’t exist anywhere else, which is why we’re motivated to keep bringing the stories of the Northern Rivers to life and cementing its reputation as a cultural heartland. We do this by collaborating with an assortment of talented artists and creating original work that’s ingrained with a real sense of this place we all call home.