Flow (2021 season)

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Mitch King is a Yaegl Bundjalung man with a story to tell. Joined on stage by long term collaborator and sound artist Blake Rhodes, Mitch tells his story inspired by community, Country and the first native title claim on a body of water in Yamba.

Told through contemporary dance, poetry, visual imagery and rap, Flow is a new dreaming, strengthening respect for Eldership and engaging young people in the living traditions held in local ancestral stories.

Flow is a yarn about Yaegl country and neighbouring nations, within NSW. It’s a tale of searching and finding identity in music, urban culture and nature, an ancient story acknowledging how and why water flows through this region and its cultural significance.

creative team

Writer/Performer  Mitch King
Composer/Performer  Blake Rhodes
Director  Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal
Lead Designer  Mic Gruchy
Lighting Design  Karl Johnson
Cultural & Dramaturgy Consultant  Rhoda Roberts
Writing Support  Kirk Page Damion Hunter
Videography  Maiara Skarheim
Visual Art  France Belle Parker
Producer  Letila Mitchell
Community Development  Helen Tyas Tunggal

Yaegl Elders & Emerging Leaders
Gilbert Laurie
Ron Heron
Lenore Parker
William Walker
Ken Laurie
Shondell Laurie
Frances Belle Parker
Elsdon Charlton



Download the program from the premiere season here.


This work was supported by Rous County Council and Northern Rivers Community Fund.


Images | Kate Holmes