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Contemporary Dance Masterclasses

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This Contemporary Dance Masterclass will celebrate each young Dancer’s talents whilst developing their dance athleticism and artistry.

Together we will work on:

  • Developing a flexible and healthy body
  • Exploring a wide range of shapes and dynamics, including a smooth relationship with the floor
  • Increasing self-awareness of position and movement in time and space (kinaesthesia)
  • Expanding movement quality as a result of energy economy
  • Enjoying our dance training as a facet of our artistry
  • Practising non-hierarchical ways of social relationship
  • Making creative decisions according to judgement and determination
  • Maintaining an anatomical and physiological perspective, according to medical statements
  • Trying new exciting things and taking home exercises that will support ongoing Dance advancement

Working as a group Jade will coach individual dancers. Focusing on their particular creative stories and ways of expressing while advising how to refine personal technique, improvisation, composition and performance skills.


First Wednesday of NSW School Holidays
Autumn : Wed 13 April 2022
Winter : Wed 6 July 2022
Spring : Wed 28 September 2022


NORPA @ Lismore City Hall

For ages:

8–12 years : 9am–12noon
13–17 years : 1–4pm


$100 Creative Kids Vouchers from NSW Government can be used for this program


Facilitator : Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Australian born dance-artist, choreographer, director and educator, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, with First Fleet convict Scottish heritage she is also directly descended from Yogyakarta’s first Sultan 1755 (Kangjeng Hamengku Buwana) and Borobudur, Java Buddhist Community 800AD.Newtown High of Performing Arts Dux, Bachelor Dance Honours (University of Florida USA) and Master Choreography High Distinction (University of Melbourne) all support 25 years of award-winning touring and international dance-culture-embodiment studies.

Jade’s performance history embraces live-art disciplines, including working with Movement Research NYC, Miami Dance Futures, Australian Choreographic Centre, Mirramu Dance Company, Victorian Opera, Chunky Move, Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Outback Theatre for Young People, Beyond Empathy and The Bodycartography Project. Her ongoing work with NORPA includes Education services and Making new theatre works including Choreographing ‘Djurra’ and Directing ‘Flow’.

Transformational stories inform Jade’s original multimedia works in theatres, galleries, museums, video, public and wild spaces. Touring works, including ‘Opal Vapour, ‘Enfold’, and ‘6/7 Empty’ spark audiences’ imaginations with articulate and powerful inter-arts performances. Her current theatre work in development is ‘Smoke’, a trans-indigenous collaboration with Kirk Page that reweaves culture and nature in a quest for healing.

Youth Ensemble

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The NORPA Youth Ensemble is for young people with an interest in or curiosity for any of the elements of live performance making from music creation to acting to visual design and everything in between. The Youth Ensemble will meet regularly to learn skills and techniques in acting, physical theatre, voice, writing for stage and character development.

If you are aged 14–21 years old and want to dive into theatre making, this course runs throughout the year and culminates in a major Youth Ensemble production made and performed on the NORPA stage!

This exciting project has a dual focus – performance training and theatre making. The Group, alongside experienced theatre practitioners and teachers Noa Rotem and Kate McDowell, will meet every Thursday from 4:30-6:30 pm at the Clunes Hall to develop ensemble performance skills utilising the whole body and the full force of their creative minds.

Ensemble members will explore the use of heightened physicality and responsiveness to one another in improvisation, the creation of a ‘group body’ which allows individuals to have a felt sense of the bigger picture on stage and their ways of belonging/contributing to it, and gain capacity to build visual metaphors and imagery. Other skills developed will include:

  • Acting technique and ability to build scenes from improvisation
  • Physical and vocal character development
  • Movement skills for telling stories: capacity to interpret existing texts and make archetypal images with the body
  • Poetic text creation
  • Vocal training for the stage
  • Experience in producing and live performance
  • Teamwork

NORPA is interested in who you are as a young person and your place in the community. We invite you as a creative thinker who may or may not have had previous training.

The project, in its approach to building a performance ensemble, will be unpacking the ideas of ‘YOU’ being in a position of power. The NORPA Youth Ensemble is a space where you, your ideas, and what you care about matter.

Program & Dates:

Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 pm at the Clunes Hall

Term 1:
March 3rd- April 7th (6 weeks)
Physical principles of performance training

Term 2:
April 28th – June 30th (10 weeks)
From text into physical play
Research through practice: learning conventions for devised theatre-making including working from existing text

Term 3:
July 21st – Sept 22nd (10 weeks) plus an overnight theatrical adventure (23 and 24 July)
Theatre making
Building blocks for the production – scenes and movement sequences, music and set design.

Term 3 School Holidays:
Saturday Oct 1st until Friday Oct 7th
1-week intensive rehearsals plus show at NORPA Lismore City Hall

For ages:

14–21 years


Pay in 4 instalments:
term 1 $160
term 2 $160
term 3 $160
holiday rehearsal /production $380
Total payment at end of program = $860

OR pay upfront:
$820 (5% discount)

$100 Creative Kids Vouchers from NSW Government can be used for this program


Facilitators: Kate McDowell & Noa Rotem

Kate McDowell

Kate McDowell is a Writer & Performer based in Lennox Head, who collaborates with diverse artists at home and abroad. She holds an MFA from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Kate is Artistic Associate for Sprung! Dance Theatre, and NORPA Associate Artist. For NORPA Kate was Writer/Deviser performer for Into The Forest, Researcher and Story Developer for Wildskin, Assistant Director/Stage Manager for Dreamland and Design Assistant for Journey To an Unnamed World. In 2018 Kate’s full-length site-based solo work Wonderbabes premiered with NORPA and the Lismore Quadrangle, supported by Lismore City Council and Southern Cross University and as a satellite event of the Byron Bay Writers Festival. Kate is Director for the remount of French Cafe by the Sprung! Ensemble for the NORPA 2022 Season.

Noa Rotem

Noa Rotem is a director, performer and teacher. She has worked and trained extensively in Australia and overseas with companies such as The Human Theatre, The Danger Ensemble, Little Dove Theatre Art and Anne Bogart’s SITI Company (NYC). She is co-founder of MaKom Collective (based in the Northern Rivers), and is a graduate of the Soma School of BodyMind Centering ® (Paris), HaKvutzah School of Dance (Tel Aviv), the University of Sydney and of the Actor’s College. Noa’s performance credits include ERA (NORPA/ MaKom Collective, 2021), Intimacy (BelcoArts, Canberra 2020), Little Dove Theatre Arts’ Evangeline(2019 &2015), Cordelia (2011), Six Women Standing in Front of A White Wall (2006 & 2007); La Boite Independents’ The Hamlet Apocalypse (2011), La Voix Humaine (2012); Big Love (NYC 2009); Zen Zen Zo’s Dracula (2007) and SCW1 (2006). Noa has directed a wide range of plays, often with and for young people. These include Medea (Brisbane, 2019), Life is elsewhere (Hong Kong, 2015), Maktub (Hong Kong 2014), The Odyssey (Hong Kong, 2013), Ninety-nine (Hong Kong, 2012), Chang Boils The Sea (Hong Kong, 2011), The Courage Project (Hong Kong, 2010), A Christmas Carol (Hong Kong, 2009)

Street Shakespeare

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A NORPA Youth film project from the heart of Lismore

Be a part of NORPA Youth’s next Street Shakespeare film project!

This project is an intensive workshop in acting for camera. Participants explore and rehearse selected works of William Shakespeare, developing professional techniques in the analysis and performance of classical text for the camera. The scenes and monologues are shot in urban locations across the region — we want to demystify and have fun with Shakespeare, and transpose it to our culture.

This project will be directed by Scott Johnson.

How to get involved

Register in the 2022 Street Shakepeare project HERE

Registration deadline closes on Monday 20th June 2022.

For more information please contact Frauke Huhn our Youth Engagement Coordinator via email at [email protected] or call 6622 0300.


10am – 12pm, Saturday 25 June
10am – 3pm, Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 July
10am – 4pm, Wednesday 13 July

9.30am – 4pm, Thursday 14 & Friday 15 July
(participants will be given a 1½ hour time slot on either Thursday or Friday and wont need to be available outside the allocated time)


Southern Cross University

Final Weekend (Rehearsal & Filming):
Various locations around Lismore City centre

For ages:

12–18 years


$240 per person, to be paid during registration.

$100 Creative Kids Vouchers from NSW Government can be used for this program

Facilitator : Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is a NIDA graduate and has worked extensively in theatre and television around Australia for the past twenty years.

Scott is known for his acclaimed performance as Tommy Devito in the original Australian cast of Jersey Boys, for which he was nominated for a Helpmann, Green Room and Sydney Theatre Award. In 2016 Scott won a Sydney Theatre Award for his performance of Orin, The Dentist, in Little Shop of Horrors. Scott’s other theatre credits include: Third World Blues, Cyrano de Bergerac and John Proctor in The Crucible for Sydney Theatre Company. Queensland Theatre Company’s Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf and August Moon, Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome (QTC & Bell Shakespeare Co.), The Siege of Frank Sinatra (Ensemble Theatre), Amco Riders (Tamarama Rock Surfers), How like an Angel (Railway Street), Alone it Stands (Ross Mollison Productions), Hansel and Gretel and Go Pinocchio (STC & Theatre of Image), Crimes of the Heart (Marion Street Theatre Co.) and Wonderlands (Griffin Theatre Co.) for which he won a Glug award. Scott’s film and television credits include: Preacher, Four Quarters, Offspring, Neighbours, Home and Away, McLeod’s Daughters, Jessica, Monster (US), Breathe, Oops, Heaven on the Fourth Floor, Road Rage, Blue Heelers, Big Sky and Rescue Special Ops. Scott was the Director of Acting at Showfit from 2014-2020.

His vast industry experience has seen him teach and direct at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), and Monash University.


Head to our NORPA Youtube page to see the 2021 Street Shakespeare films: NORPA Youtube: Street Shakespeare Short Films (2021)


NORPA Youth Program 2022

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NORPA Youth offers young people opportunities to experience and build skills in theatre-making and live performance.

Young people will join experienced theatre practitioners, including Julian Louis, Kate McDowell and Noa Rotem to develop performance skills using the full force of the creative mind.

NORPA Youth Ensemble (Ages 14-21)

This year-long program will explore and learn devised theatre-making, improvisation, acting techniques, physical and vocal character development, vocal training and will culminate in an end of year production.

Street Shakespeare (Ages 12-18)

Participants will explore selected works of William Shakespeare, developing professional techniques in the performance of classical text for the camera – with the selection of scenes and monologues being filmed on location around Lismore. 

FLOW Workshop Series (Ages 9-12)

8-week workshop series led by Mitch King. Sharing his creative process and explore together with the young people the use of various art forms to tell traditional and contemporary stories on Country. 

Contemporary Dance Masterclasses (Ages 8-17)

School holiday workshops led by Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, this Contemporary Dance Masterclass will celebrate each young Dancer’s talents whilst developing their dance athleticism and artistry.

Flow workshop series

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In this 8-week workshop series, facilitator Mitch King will share his creative process and explore together with the young people the use of various art forms to tell traditional and contemporary stories on Country.

The Flow workshop series aims to create an understanding that the stories we share can connect us to each other through a variety of mediums such as dance, music, rap and theatre. These mediums are experienced in a playful and creative way to foster an understanding that individual stories can connect back to the stories of our culture, family and the environment around us.

For more information please contact Frauke Huhn our Youth Engagement Coordinator via email at [email protected] or call 1300 066 772.


Wednesday’s 4:30-6:30pm
May 4th until June 22


The Studio, NORPA @ Lismore City Hall

For ages:

9–12 years


$100 Creative Kids Vouchers from NSW Government can be used for this program


Facilitator : Mitch King

Mitch King is a Yaegl Bundjalung man from the Far North Coast region of NSW. He is a creative producer specialising in hip hop music and dance and has been working at NORPA as an Associate Producer and Associate Artist since 2014.

He is one part of local hip hop group Teddy Lewis King and teaches dance with young people around the region. He has a background in youth work, collaborating with young people on community events and programs.

Mitch combines his passion for hip-hop dance and music with theatre, movement and creative writing to connect with people who want to engage with the performing arts. As a workshop leader he develops people’s unique movement and voice within the rhythm and aesthetic of hip hop.