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Makers Hub: creative workshops

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Run by leading professional theatre workers from around Australia, and locally, our Makers Hub workshops build and develop the region’s physical theatre, performance making, and backstage capacity.

The program engages and supports local artists and theatre workers with skills development training, forming deeper connections with NORPA and the wider creative community, and providing opportunities for future collaboration.

Stay tuned for upcoming 2024 Makers Hub opportunities.


Read the 2023 Makers Hub program report


“Inspiring, Connecting, Insightful, Invigorating, Engaging, Fun!…”

“It was a real treat to connect with local artists creatively again, and have such inspirational leaders feed into my own practice.”

“The hub has a wonderful feeling as a shared creative space. It is so refreshing to come into a space like that, connecting with community and feeling so supported.”

“Vital for continued community creativity expression and healing”

“It was the perfect weekend to not only fill my creative cup but made me genuinely happy and grateful for life.”


Our thanks to the Peterson Family Foundation for their support of the 2023 and 2024 Makers Hub.

In development

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We are makers

NORPA makes theatre that tells the stories of regional Australia and presents those stories in unique locations and site-specific venues. Audiences flock to NORPA’s outstanding original productions, trusting in NORPA’s flair for great theatre experiences.

We support knowledge – First Nations artists telling First Nations stories.

We create content and ideas that bring places and spaces alive.

Explore new NORPA works currently in development:

First Aboriginal Olympian

A NORPA production, conceived and led by Rhoda Roberts AO.

about the work

The Bundjalung Nation pride themselves on their sporting prowess. Sport changed the Bundjalung peoples’ financial freedom and provided new horizons to dream – through sport anything is possible.

First Aboriginal Olympian is a new work in development, conceived and led by NORPA’s Creative Director First Nations, Rhoda Roberts AO. First Aboriginal Olympian is a Widjabul Wia-bul led theatre project, inviting a new audience into an unknown local history. A story of Cubawee ‘a place of full and plenty’ and of ‘Frank’ Francis Roberts, who represented Widjabul mob at the Olympic Games, the first Aboriginal person to obtain selection for the Games.

The project began its creative process in late 2022, with a community gathering of Bundjalung families with connections to Cubawee, and continues in 2024 with My Cousin Frank.

Image: Kris Cook

In the Face of It / In Limbo

A NORPA production, led by Julian Louis

about the work

In the Face of It (working title) transports you to a regional town in the aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster. Drawing on real stories and lived experiences of the floods of February 2022, this new project reflects on the human story of these events, the rescues and trauma, and the resilience and strength of the human spirit to overcome. Shining a light on the power of community, In the Face of It looks at the adaptation and transformation required as we try to return to normal life, and asks ourselves are we adapting enough to what nature is trying to tell us?

Through physical theatre, text and movement, In the Face of It shares moments of hope, beauty and anger.

Creative development on this project began in June 2023 with an intensive workshop with seven performers and creatives. Over two weeks they drew on materials gathered by NORPA’s research artist, Jeanti St Clair, and the groups physical responses to the region’s stories. What they discovered was something poignant and adventurous.

Image: Kate Holmes